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"I have been involved in the field of sports-medicine for going onto 25 years, and in that time I have seen a variety of fads and “magical” treatment approaches come and go. As I have further researched the human movement system, I have become increasingly aware of the enormous role the fascia plays in the dynamics of a healthy functioning musculoskeletal system. 

As research continues to explore this role, it is becoming increasingly apparent that improving connective tissue mobility is vital key to optimal functioning in athletic movements, as well as treating many injury syndromes.  Fascial Stretch Therapy is a great way to improve overall flexibility and enhance movement performance.  Nick is the “go-to” guy for this type of treatment. Having known him for quite a long time.

I believe you will not encounter a more professional and knowledgeable FST provider than Nick Nicholaides. If you are an athlete, you owe it to yourself to try FST, and see how it can help enhance your athletic performance. If you are a health-care provider, like myself, you will be doing your patients a great service, and improve your patient outcomes, by referring them to Nick for this therapy. It really is a “game changer”!"
-Kenneth T. Cieslak, DC, ATC, CSCS 
Teaneck, NJ


"This year, I had a very strong 4 x 800 meter relay team that qualified for a very prestigious race. The Monday before the meet, two of my top runners started complaining of leg pain. I took the athletes to our athletic trainer, who was not optimistic about their ability to compete.

Dissapointed and frustrated, we were on the brink of not running when a friend recommended the boys see Nick Nicholaides. Following a thorough evaluation and history, Nick went to work on each athlete individually. He explained FST, and what he thought caused each symptom of pain. In addition, he pointed out some weak areas that he offered strengthening exercises as well as stretching exercises for the tight areas.

When Nick was done working on the athletes, not only were the athletes significantly more flexible, they were also pain free! The next day, the athletes feeling strong and confident ran their fastest time of the season, dropping 16 seconds off their previous time!!! They left the race ranked as the 4th fastest team in the nation!! Nick has since treated more than 15 of our athletes this year with great success."
-Gilbert Hawkins,
Pearl River HS Track Coach

"I sought out fascial stretch therapy with Nick because traditional PT and manual therapy did little to resolve my chronic ailments. A caring and diligent therapist, Nick was able to elicit gains in mobility that improved my ability to maintain athletic positions and function with less pain. As a military member, I need to be able to perform optimally on a routine basis. I highly recommend Nick to any athlete looking to improve functional mobility and maximize recovery from training."

-Doug K, New York, NY

yoga stretch

"I was so thankful to be introduced to Nick after suffering with acute low back pain issues for years. I've been to many orthopedists, chiropractors and physical therapists over the years but the fascia stretch therapy (FST), both as preventive care, as well as during acute pain, has been most helpful and feels awesome, better than a massage! As a 50 year old woman, my discs have become compressed and I have some arthritis in my low back so the fascial stretch has helped alleviate disc pressure.


I practice yoga regularly and the FST has additionally increased my flexibility, especially in areas such as my hips which tend to be tight from all the sitting at work. Nick's knowledge and expertise, coupled with his warmth, support, and easy-going personality, have made the FST an incredible experience, and a real treat!"

--Andrea Sherman


"I am a professional punter and recently finished up a season in the UFL with the Virginia Destroyers. Before my season started, I got stretched by Nick a few times. He helped me improve my flexibility almost instantly. It gave me the extra boost I needed to kick the ball further. I was also having lower back pain which went away after the first session. I highly recommend FLEX therapy to anyone looking to improve their flexibility and overall wellness."
-Matt Henry, Punter, Virginia Destroyers



"Despite temporary relief for my chronic back pain from different treatments, my chiropractor suggested I try FST with Nick to loosen my muscles and fascia which in turn has helped maintain my spinal alignment. Nick has also worked on the fascial connections between my shoulders and lower back and by manipulating my shoulder, he freed up the tissue that was pinched between my humeral head and the glenoid socket which evidently was the root cause of my back pain. That was a nirvana moment!!!

     Collectively, chiropractic, FST and strength/mobility training have helped resolve my chronic back pain and returned me to full pain-free mobility and activity. I have realized that all are necessary components to effective rehabilitation and the sum is truly greater than the parts."

--Alex Khowaylo

"Nick is the best athletic trainer around.  When you go to him for treatment or therapy, he makes sure that you leave feeling better and knowing you weren’t wasting any time.  I played football and lacrosse at Ridgewood High School, and I’m currently playing lacrosse at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland.  I received surgery for a torn ACL on October 15th, 2010, and I went straight to Nick for therapy. 

When I was able to start more difficult exercises, such as squats and lunges, Nick used fascial stretch therapy on me for about an hour.  Before he stretched me out, he had me squat down, and my butt was not even close to touching the ground.  After he stretched me out, my butt was almost all the way to the ground.  Also, I saw much improvement in therapy after getting stretched out by Nick.  I was able to get lower in my single leg squats and lunges, which allowed me to use more muscle areas.  I became stronger much faster, so my doctor cleared me to run 2 and a half weeks before schedule. 

Once I was able to start running, fascial stretch therapy allowed me to run with better form, preventing any other problems with my knee.  I highly recommend this therapy to all athletes or anyone who wants their body to feel better.  You will see improvements in flexibility, strength, speed, and your body will feel better than it ever has when you’re done."

​--Dave Tarleton

"I did FST with Nick a couple days before I went off to start college soccer preseason and I felt so much more mobile when I stepped on the field. Before the session I was having problems with my groin and by the end of the session, the pain disappeared. It really prepared me for the long season that was ahead of me and helped me recover from 2 a day practices leading up to the start of our season.  I highly recommend it to every athlete looking to gain an edge in their sport."

- Kelly C, Division 1 soccer player



"Nick restored the use of my ankle and Achilles tendon by increasing the range of motion that was being severely limited due to excess scar tissue from surgeries! While doctors told me nothing more could be done, and traditional physical and massage therapy did not provide meaningful improvement, Nick made the difference! His truly unique ability to help people overcome physical limitations is based on a special combination of his experience and knowledge across many types of therapy and training, coupled with his sheer strength and relentless desire to help people get better. He is a pleasure to work with and is very honest about what ailments he can help to overcome. I will be grateful to Nick for the rest of my life since I can now comfortably and competitively partake in the sports I love like cycling, skiing, golf and volleyball."

- Toomas Kilm, Chatham NJ

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